The GOP “uncertainty” hoax

failureLydia DePillis at the Washington Post Wonkblog accumulates a damning list of quotes from GOP’ers over the last two years supposedly worrying about higher taxes, new regulations, and so on increasing “economic uncertainty” for businesses, “job creators” and well, anyone trying to plan for the future. Here’s the first quote:

“I believe our mission as legislators is to liberate our economy from the things that impede growth…to provide clear policies, so that innovators and entrepreneurs have the green light to move forward and create jobs, without having to worry about second-guessing from Washington.” – Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio), May 2011

But now, of course, these self-same GOP’ers are themselves deliberately causing massive economic uncertainty in order, they say, to block Obamacare.

It turns out that “uncertainty” stuff was a mere talking-point, now dropped like a hot potato, as the Tea Party wing of Congress

  • shuts down the federal government
  • offers a whirling hors d’oeuvres tray of silly plans to fund just those parts of the government they happen to like
  • suggests, not all that seriously, funding the government for a few months or even a few weeks!
  • and prepares to default on America’s sovereign debt.

All that “concern” about “economic uncertainty” was phony as a $3 bill. It’s now been discarded and replaced with new talking points. (And, yes, massive economic uncertainty.)

Is our point that the GOP has lied about something, again? Well, that’s obviously one point.

But there’s another point we’ll choose to make. What kind of journalist is it who gets lied to, over and over, right in his or her face? What kind of journalist never seems to tumble to the fact they’re being lied to? (Lied to again and again. And by the very same people?)

Is it endless gullibility? Gullibility is surely one of the last things you’d hope to find in a real reporter, and yes, there are fake reporters. There are fakes in every line of work, and we’re not talking just about the fake news on Comedy Central. We’re talking about our most esteemed national press. Are they so very lazy that they know a source is throwing dust in the air, and yet they pass it along, as if it were something worth paying attention to? How is the average person supposed to make sense of this? It’s poison to democracy, poison to the public dialog.

We are seeing simultaneous, serious failures in the great American experiment. The press really needs to rethink its relationship with the easy, obvious, self-serving, and yet powerful class of liars. This cynical partnership is leading to disaster. Has it become a condition of employment to maintain that everything is more or less normal? Nothing can be called what it is?