Wisconsin State Journal flubs up debt-ceiling discussion AGAIN

A short while back we recalled the very poor work of the Wisconsin State Journal as it discussed the previous debt-ceiling “crisis” two years ago. We said in part

In it, they managed to portray the whole farce — not as extortion by the GOP’s newest, most unhinged, most extremist wing, which it was — but rather as a battle between the extremes of both parties, which it wasn’t. How does a board of so-called “journalists” ever wash away the embarrassment…?

Now they’re at it again. And they’ve bungled it, again. And in exactly the same way. They simply cannot say that Republicans — indeed about 90 Tea Party House Republicans — are to blame.

GOP AngryThe Tea Partiers are playing a dangerous game of brinksmanship, and Republican House Speaker Boehner is so far allowing them to do so. And it’s all based on the outlandish belief that they, as a minority, in one branch of government, should dictate. That cannot — cannot — be allowed.

But how does the Wisconsin State Journal describe it?

Congress should stop playing games with the full faith and credit of the United States.

It’s “Congress“? It’s not Tea Party Republicans in the House? It’s just everybody in Congress? “Congress” needs to stop playing games?

We suppose it’s possible — if you stick your head way, way up, uh, somewhere — to call carjacking a “dispute over who should drive,” but it certainly wouldn’t be useful journalism. It would be going way out of one’s way to obscure the truth.

C’mon, State Journal editorial board. This was unacceptable.