The Wisconsin State Journal whiffs on easy editorial

We’ve written before about what happens with the Wisconsin State Journal editorial board when they try to criticize their beloved Republicans. It’s just so hard for them. They cannot permit themselves to say something ugly about the R’s unless they also pair it with something ugly about the D’s. The latter can be imaginary if need be.

(If it’s late in the day, see the Editorial Board Drinking Game.)

Frequently, of course, there really is something bad to say about the D’s. But when there isn’t, the editorial board simply asserts that both sides are to blame. It’s a practice that makes these three old white guys look biased and ridiculous, but apparently they cannot help themselves. They’re lighting their own pants on fire. Sunday’s editorial about the debt-ceiling showdown was another case in point.

It begins

The Republicans in Congress own most of the blame for Washington’s latest dysfunction.

“Most” of the blame? That’s the very first sentence???

Toles - GOP burns its own brandActually: It was Republicans, and Republicans alone, who shut down the government, who threatened the world economy, who might do it again. ‘Tweren’t the D’s. ‘Twere the R’s. Wasn’t “mostly” the R’s. Wasn’t “Congress”. Wasn’t all of “Washington”. It was the R’s, the Republicans.

Mr. Johnston, Mr. Smalley, Mr. Milfred, you got it wrong. And it was so, so easy, it’s amazing you could get it wrong. Well, maybe not “amazing” but “outrageous”, because you’ve making this identical blunder ever since the first debt-ceiling showdown (2011).

Gentlemen, please surrender your press credentials at the nearest J-School, and fergawdsakes remove that “Wisconsin’s independent voice” thing from your editorial page masthead. Thank you.