Addendum & clarification

One more thing, just to be clear.

When we objected in our previous post to the Wisconsin State Journal blaming “Congress” and/or “all of Washington” for the debt-ceiling fiasco, we took that language from the State Journal itself. (From their print edition.) Only readers of the print edition would have seen this sub-headline:Who's to blame 3

So, reading just the headlines, which many readers do, the Wisconsin State Journal says the government shutdown and debt-ceiling crisis were orchestrated by, well, everybody in Washington. It was everybody’s fault. Voters can blame “all of Washington”. Could there be anything more nakedly misleading?

We’ve said it before. Here it is again. The State Journal editorial board just cannot criticize their beloved Republicans without simultaneously pointing the finger at others, even in cases where it’s not true. There’s a name for this, but it isn’t “journalism”.

Don’t ask ’em to explain this sub-headline, because they won’t, and they can’t. Do they understand how damaging this to their own credibility?

The irony of all this, no doubt lost on the editorial board, is that it all takes place under their main headline, “Broken trust won’t be easy to win back”.

Broken trust won't be easy to win back

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