Wisconsin State Journal gets new publisher

Lee Enterprises has selected John M. Humenik as the new publisher of the Wisconsin State Journal. Here’s the State Journal story.

John M HumenikHumenik has been president and publisher of the Arizona Daily Star in Tucson for 3 years.

Here is (to us) the most interesting part of the State Journal story… interesting because we can’t understand it.

Humenik will be handing over publisher duties at the Arizona Daily Star to a successor still to be named. However, even after that transition, Humenik will oversee all newspapers published by Lee Enterprises in the Tucson and Madison areas as “group publisher,” the company announced.

“By staying connected and involved with our Tucson operation, together we will be able to explore important synergies,” Humenik said. “I believe that relationship will prove to be a tremendous advantage for our group, especially as we build upon our print and digital successes.”

Are there synergies between Tucson and Madison? We shall see.

Just last month Lee Enterprises named the Arizona Daily Star as its “2013 Enterprise of the Year”.  Here’s the press release.

We found the press release mostly interesting for showing that the Lee executives are quite knowledgeable about print and digital revenue. And also pre-printed grocery advertising. They did mention journalism, too, although it didn’t sound as heartfelt (you know, to us). You read it, if you really care. And to be fair there’s nothing wrong with Lee executives being business-oriented. It’s a business.

To Mr. Humenik, welcome to our fair city. It’s colder than Tucson, but it’s got groceries in need of advertising — wait, is that a synergy? Is it working already?  Maybe if the advertising works out, you could please hire more reporters.