Pew research findings on what media sources we trust

Conservatives love Fox News. A lot. And they trust it. No surprise there. Slightly more stunning, conservatives dis-trust virtually every other source of news. Can that really be possible? The Pew Research Center’s report — Political Polarization & Media Habits — finds it to be the case.

The Pew study placed individuals into one of five groupings from “consistently liberal” to “consistently conservative” based on their answers to 10 questions. The five groups were then analyzed with regard to news and information choices. Published this month, here’s one of many interesting comparisons appearing in the final report — what media sources are trusted and to what degree. Media sources trusted by less than 50% of group members are not shown.

Pew Research - Media Polarization-12


One thought on “Pew research findings on what media sources we trust

  1. Mike Bertrand

    It would be illuminating to do a similar poll about the Wisconsin State Journal in the Madison area. I bet they’re mistrusted by 80% of Madisonians and well over 50% in their market. No doubt some of that is due to an increasingly partisan news media and country generally. That is nothing new in the long arc of American history, btw; it is the late 20th century notion of the media as an disinterested honest broker that is the outlier.

    But the State Journal picked the wrong horse, at least in this area. The old right-wing nostrums don’t do the trick any more – think of their fatuous endorsement of Scott Walker in 2010 – best for jobs!

    Another factor is their general and especially political incompetence, much documented in these pages. I got an offer for 13 weeks free home delivery in the mail the other day. Their circulation must be tanking even more than expected after the rate increase. Not interested!

    Mike Bertrand