Wisconsin State Journal cuts staff again The shrinking news. It's less fun for dogs to fetch.

We just learned (five days late) that the Wisconsin State Journal has once again cut its newsroom staff. Story from the invaluable Bill Lueders at Isthmus online. Were we the last to know? Could be. Look, we never said we had connections at the State Journal, or any newspaper. We just used to read the thing. Regularly. For many years.

So 7 more newsroom professionals are gone from the State Journal, although one of them, Dee J. Hall, the paper’s best reporter, had departed for a better job, managing editor of Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism. The State Journal won’t fill her position, so it’s a cut for the State Journal.

Our first reactions were sorrow and a peculiar narcissistic shame. We don’t want anyone to lose their job, certainly not journalists working in Madison. And the shame? We’d stopped buying the paper and now seven journalists were gone. Were we partly to blame? Maybe we should’ve hung in there despite the difficulties.

Can these cuts possibly do anything other than compound the difficulties?