Oh, dear… look at this It's Milfred again

Today Mr. Milfred discusses the WEDC (Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation) which is widely known for fumbling its job-creation mission, handing out ill-considered and unrecoverable loans, and failure to operate under normal and routine business accountability standards.

Milfred acknowledges the wreckage, which has after all been featured on his own paper’s front page. But on his page — did we mention that Milfred is the editorial page editor? — surprisingly, he writes

Gov. Scott Walker wisely proposed removing the politicians — including himself… — from WEDC’s board.

Wait a minute. He “wisely proposed”?  Is that the best way to put it? Wisely???

In what sense was the Governor wise?

WEDC was his idea, his baby.

He made himself Chairman of the Board.

He presided over 4 years of failure and mismanagement, and then as the whole thing is looming as a great embarrassment to his all-important campaign for president, he flees.

Milfred credits the governor for being wise. We credit Milfred for churning out silly nonsense. Please do read the entire editorial.