On the other hand there's this

rainbowAfter the U.S. Supreme Court okayed same-sex marriage in all 50 states, the Wisconsin State Journal editorialized, Let freedom — and wedding bells — ring.

And the sentiment was genuine. The State Journal editorial page has been good on the issue of gay marriage for a number of years.

As we have acknowledged many times, even offering it as a possible editorial page slogan:

We’re not always wrong!

Too often though, they are wrong, or inexplicably missing in action. Why, for example, aren’t they asking Governor Walker and the legislature,

“Why are we not accepting the $345 million dollars on offer in the ACA (“Obamacare”) Medicaid expansion? The budget’s a mess. We could instantly fix that damaging and foolish cut to the UW System.”

It’s simply baffling that the State Journal is so very silent on this senseless waste of our tax dollars where the only apparent motive [for refusing the money] is to help Scott Walker run for president. Do Wisconsin citizens really want to kick in $345 million of their tax dollars to help the governor campaign for higher office? Has there ever been a more stupid way to waste people’s money? Is this really going to go unremarked by the State Journal? It’s a question that should be asked again and again and again.

There was a good Phil Hands cartoon about this two weeks ago, but that’s about it! The general silence is beyond frustrating.