Supreme Court rescues one particular religious liberty

Joan Walsh at asks:

How did it happen that the only issue on which religious liberty trumps existing employment law, for the court’s conservative majority, is the issue that pertains to women’s freedom and sexuality? 

US Supreme CourtIt’s a good question.

And it’s odd, too — or at least coincidental? — that the majority was all-male.

And all 3 female justices disagreed.

No doubt the prestige of being on the U.S. Supreme Court is nice, but there’s some chance the workplace environment stinks. The New York Times has a front page story, “Birth Control Deepens Divide Among Justices” — subhead “Female Minority Angry”.  It has — yow! — 2,476 online comments, now closed. Thar’s too many, of course, but always remember the Times’ comments are moderated (12 moderators, some of them part time). Trolls are bounced, and the readers vote for the best comments. The Times comments are different from the articles and often a welcome and thoughtful sidebar.

Wisconsin Republicans complete [another] attack on voting rights

In the last minutes of the legislature’s last session, Wisconsin Republicans decided to curb early voting. Sure, no citizens were asking for it, but somehow, mysteriously, it became a priority for Wisconsin Republicans that voting should become less convenient. Or for some people, unworkable. Particularly in the, um, urban areas, where, um, well, you know. Oh, Speaker Vos, this is sooo tricky. We can’t figure out what this is about.

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