Is Wisconsin falling behind on pro-life extremism?

Marlise MunozMany of us have become recently aware of a Texas law that’s forcing an effectively dead (i.e., brain dead) 33-year-old Texas woman to remain for months on a respirator so that the fetus still “alive” inside her can be “born”. Now the Fort Worth Star-Telegram tells us the fetus is deformed (so sex cannot be determined) and also shows both heart and brain irregularities. Not surprisingly, the dead woman’s husband and parents want to let go, but cannot, due to the meddling of Texas Republican law-makers.

Naturally this raises the question of why our own Republican-controlled legislature hasn’t kept pace with Texas. What’s the hang-up? Is it lack of money? Lack of grit? Are we supposed to let our pregnant Wisconsin ladyfolk just die off without harvesting their fetuses? It’s madness. Especially when Texas already has this law and is demonstrating how it can work.