Super Bowl: Wisconsin State Journal fumbles again It's a humorless tradition!

It’s something of a tradition that the Wisconsin State Journal editorial page delivers a stink bomb opinion on Super Bowl Sunday, and guess what, they’ve done it again!

budweiser-clydesdale-puppyOn a day when we are all entitled to unhealthy food choices, and possibly excessive use of liquids while safely sprawled on our sofas… as we wait for heartwarming ads featuring Clydesdales and puppies, and yes, attractive spokesmodels…  the State Journal manages to cloud the moment with one of its patented tone-deaf (and wrong, but we’ll not even get into the wrongness part) editorial opinions.

Give it a rest, State Journal.

Today should be marred only by the fact that, just like us, the Packers are watching it on TV. (Well, possibly also marred later today if we lose money in a harmless but technically illegal friendly wager.)

No one needs you, Mr. Milfred, to mar the day also.

You want grump about red ink? Here’s an idea. Do it next week. Do it instead of one of those sublimely irrelevant and yet unaccountably frequent pieces about what the State Journal said 100 years ago.

It’s Super Bowl Sunday. Traffic is grinding to a halt as the snow continues to fall. There’s a fire in the fireplace. Try this: Have a bratwurst. Have some barbecue sauce. Have a beer for chrissake. And shut up about the friggin’ deficit for a day, because you kinda don’t know what you’re talkin’ about, and now is not the time. It’s almost time for the Clydesdales. We’ve got the Pats by one point, even though we kinda hate ’em. Now bring on the puppy. Everybody loves the puppy!