On Civility

We’re back discussing civility again. Although the Wisconsin State Journal, back in September, had shown some highly revealing confusion about the word “civil,” it does get the usage right today.

They had run this as a feature story five weeks ago. Today it’s back again, refitted as an editorial. It’s about two couples — one politically liberal, the other tea party conservative — who enjoy interacting with each other.  The State Journal heartily approves.

And the two couples have now formed an organization, Reach Out Wisconsin, with monthly meetings featuring speakers and general discussions. It’s all super-sweet.

Many of us, of course, have been doing this with our families for years, no, decades.

Not every family is blessed with a racist, Limbaugh-loving, ditto-head relative. But many are! So these families may not require another separate organization like Reach Out Wisconsin.

Families try to keep it quite civil-ized at Thanksgiving and Christmas and Easter get-togethers, although the truth is, it never really gets any better. Mr. Ditto-head is going to be a racist on the day he dies, in his bed, of old-age.

Still, we wish best of luck in all of this to Reach Out Wisconsin.