Former U.S.Senators could expect to earn somewhere between $800,000 and $1.5 million in annual salary next year at lobby firms

More news of deep corruption as retiring U.S. Senators and Representatives are offered new opportunities at Washington lobbying firms — in this report from The Hill.

Corporate headhunters are sizing up the K Street prospects of the retiring members of the 112th Congress — and they like what they see.

It’s easy to despise these venal old men (mostly). But what would each of us do for a comfortable million dollars a year?

It’s there for the taking. It’s part-time work, if you call it work at all; it’s just talking to people, making some phone calls.

And respectability can be fully maintained. There’s almost nothing to give up. It can all be arranged.

Several headhunters said lawmakers are typically averse to registering as lobbyists, preferring instead to become senior advisers who consult and strategize on how to lobby. Rarely do they wish to advocate face to face with their former colleagues.

“No one wants to be Abramoff,” Latourette said, referring to the once-jailed lobbyist whose tactics became infamous. “There is a definite stigma associated with it, which is being identified as a lobbyist.”

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