Now we’re talking about reality?

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Another interesting State Journal editorial. It urges Wisconsin Republicans to embrace something that is no longer a serious element in the GOP canon of beliefs – the need to align politics with “reality”.

The editorial says,

… openly flouting reality and having candidates claiming to be something they clearly are not — feels unseemly and somehow contradictory

“Openly flouting reality” has been, um, standard operating procedure for the GOP for quite some time. Easily half the party base is made up of anti-science, fundamentalist bible-jugglers who think the guy in the white house is a foreign-born, secret Muslim planning to wreck the constitution through death panels, health care insurance, and a crushing, job-killing failure to lower taxes on the people who really need it, the wealthy. Not everyone in the party needs to believe every bit of it, but without its active, reality-challenged base, the party is a goner.

And it’s not only hayseeds who populate the reality-averse GOP. The GOP leadership is actively selling snake oil. Probably the State Journal’s most favoritist Congressmen, Paul Ryan, put together a budget that would again cut taxes (mostly on America’s highest earners) by 4.6 trillion dollars, and replace Medicare insurance with vouchers so grandma can go shopping on the private market for a company that wants to sell her (and her 80-year-old husband with diabetes) health insurance.

Utter divorce from reality.

How many House Republicans voted for Ryan’s proposal 10 days ago? Yep, all but ten of ’em.

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