Why is the Wisconsin State Journal editorial board in hiding? Toothless dog ill serves its readers

Took a peek at the State Journal editorial this morning…. Jeepers. Worse than usual? There’s actually a typo in the headline (and the URL)… Willy Steet. Steet?!? Well, typos do happen.

It’s harder to ignore that it’s a badly over-simplified analysis and thus, shall we say, not good. A huge obstacle to this little co-op paying a ‘living wage’ is that it’s just a single business operating in a sea of competition. Why can’t one gas station sell regular for $2.25 when other gas stations are charging $2.00? This is basic stuff. Note to Milfred: Maybe this is why living wage advocates tend to favor living wage laws affecting businesses in general?

Once again the editorial page is talking about some diddly little distraction

But again, ignore that. Ignore the typo, ignore the foolish analysis. The big thing (once again) is that the editorial page is talking about some diddly little distraction when bigly things is happening in America.

  • Healthcare coverage for 20 million Americans is being damaged or simply eliminated.
  • The rich (incomes above $250,000) are about to get a 600 billion dollar tax cut as part of the bargain.
  • Paul Ryan’s out there rattling off his buzzwords. “It means more choices and competition.” “You can buy the plan that you need and that you can afford.”
  • Doctors oppose it. Nurses oppose it. Hospitals oppose it.

This is a very big deal for lots of Americans and for the American economy. It’s an utterly teachable moment about what our political parties are standing for today.

Is the State Journal with Ryan on this? Do they have any thoughts? Anything?

Not yet.