The dog that didn’t bark, part the umpteenth repeal, replace, and retreat

Well, it seems the Wisconsin State Journal will never weigh in, editorially, on the recent attempt get rid of Obamacare. It was quite a calamity in the making — engineered and promoted by their most favoritest Congressman, Paul Ryan.  24 million Americans came close to losing health insurance.  It just seems amazing that this whole thing could play out — over years really, and especially over the last several months — and the State Journal never said a word.

Blithering dishonesty from Trump’s budget guy… No followup at Face the Nation Frustrating


What nonsense! It’s easy to have universal health care insurance. Apart from the USA, all of our peer industrialized democracies have it. It’s actually less expensive than what we’re doing. And it surely doesn’t involve throwing people in jail in order to achieve it.

Trump’s Budget Director must know this. He’s just throwing dust so we can’t have a sensible discussion.

So much wrong in Washington No problem, local media to the rescue

Republicans are digging the grave of Obamacare. Should they whistle as they work? Nate Silver of tweets

We estimate the GOP bill has plurality support from voters in only ~80 of 435 districts, and a majority in only about 3 (!) of 435.

Huh. Weird…

The GOP bill is widely unpopular??? Isn’t this supposed to matter in our system of government? Isn’t it supposed to matter a LOT? Isn’t it sort of a fundamental, bedrock principle of democracy/self-government?  Surely our local editorial page will grab a-hold of this and, you know, weigh-in soon!


CBO estimate: 24 million to lose insurance under new GOP health plan But -- on the bright side -- tax cuts for the rich!

Ezra Klein at explains:

Here, in short, is what the AHCA does. The bill guts Medicaid, halves the value of Obamacare’s insurance subsidies, and allows insurers to charge older Americans 500 percent more than they charge young Americans.

Then it takes the subsidies that are left and reworks them to be worth less to the poor and the old, takes the insurers that are left and lets them change their plans to cover fewer medical expenses for the sick, and rewrites the tax code to offer hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts to the rich. As Dylan Matthews writes, it is an act of class warfare by the rich against the poor.

Why, this seems bigly significant. You can be sure our local newspaper will want to weigh in on this pretty darn soon.

Why is the Wisconsin State Journal editorial board in hiding? Toothless dog ill serves its readers

Took a peek at the State Journal editorial this morning…. Jeepers. Worse than usual? There’s actually a typo in the headline (and the URL)… Willy Steet. Steet?!? Well, typos do happen.

It’s harder to ignore that it’s a badly over-simplified analysis and thus, shall we say, not good. A huge obstacle to this little co-op paying a ‘living wage’ is that it’s just a single business operating in a sea of competition. Why can’t one gas station sell regular for $2.25 when other gas stations are charging $2.00? This is basic stuff. Note to Milfred: Maybe this is why living wage advocates tend to favor living wage laws affecting businesses in general?

Once again the editorial page is talking about some diddly little distraction

But again, ignore that. Ignore the typo, ignore the foolish analysis. The big thing (once again) is that the editorial page is talking about some diddly little distraction when bigly things is happening in America.

  • Healthcare coverage for 20 million Americans is being damaged or simply eliminated.
  • The rich (incomes above $250,000) are about to get a 600 billion dollar tax cut as part of the bargain.
  • Paul Ryan’s out there rattling off his buzzwords. “It means more choices and competition.” “You can buy the plan that you need and that you can afford.”
  • Doctors oppose it. Nurses oppose it. Hospitals oppose it.

This is a very big deal for lots of Americans and for the American economy. It’s an utterly teachable moment about what our political parties are standing for today.

Is the State Journal with Ryan on this? Do they have any thoughts? Anything?

Not yet.

Paul Ryan: weakling, con man, misleader Ryan in headlines

paul-ryan-60-minutesOver the weekend we got to see Speaker of the House Paul Ryan on CBS News’ “60 Minutes”… Did he disagree with Donald Trump’s [fantastical made-up fantasy] claim of millions of illegal voters in the last election? Mr. Ryan: “I don’t know. I’m not really focused on these things.”

This is actually quite serious. The supposedly “responsible” or “traditional” or “establishment” leaders in the Republican Party [see also Reince Priebus and VP Mike Pence] are actively helping Trump weaken our democracy.

It is time… way past time… for the non-insane press, which is now just one segment of what Americans regard as their news and information system, to call a spade a spade.

Here’s a list — ranked, roughly, from best to worst — of news headlines covering Ryan’s remarks:

GQ: ‘Paul Ryan Apparently Doesn’t Give a Shit if Donald Trump Lies About Illegal Voting’

Politico: ‘Ryan won’t repudiate Trump’s false illegal voter claims’

Raw Story: ‘I have no knowledge of such things’: Paul Ryan plays dumb on Trump’s big lie about illegal voters

Mediaite: Paul Ryan on Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims: ‘It Doesn’t Matter to Me,’ He Won

Yahoo news: Paul Ryan on Trump’s baseless voter fraud claim: ‘Who cares what he tweeted?’

Huffington Post: Paul Ryan On Donald Trump Tweeting Lies: ‘Who Cares?’

Salon: Let’s watch Republicans feign ignorance about Donald Trump’s bogus voter fraud claims

Wisconsin State Journal: Paul Ryan: ‘Who cares’ what Donald Trump tweets if problems are fixed

To their credit, the Wisconsin State Journal did publish something.  But why is the headline so ambiguous? After reading the headline, would anyone know what the story is about? The story is: Trump manufactures a self-serving lie, a YUUUGE lie, a lie corrosive to American democracy. And Paul Ryan fails to marshal courage to say bupkis.